RJA provides a unique offering of customized advisory services that position our partners to solve complex financial and real estate issues. While there is a general framework to achieve successful outcomes, every project requires a flexible and nimble approach.

Category Description

Strategic Planning

Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative tools, RJA helps our partners (colleges, universities, non-profits, municipalities) develop long-term, sustainable plans to maximize the impact these facilities have on their constituents.

  • Athletics
  • Foodservice
  • Infrastructure/Utilities
  • Mixed-use projects
  • Parking
  • Student housing
  • Student recreation
  • Student unions

Category Description

Financial + Business Operations Analysis

Our involvement through all aspects of the development process allows RJA to create complex, integrated economic models that accurately capture all project costs and operating variables. Evaluating and comparing operational paradigms is the best way to understand the real-time economic impact of all project-related decisions.

Category Description

Real Estate, Infrastructure, & Utility Advisor

As our partners seek to maximize the value of their existing assets or acquire additional real estate, RJA will evaluate various opportunities to determine the highest and best use of physical and financial resources. RJA has in-depth experience identifying, leading, and negotiating complex real estate transactions to ensure the greatest value is realized.

Category Description

Public-Private Partnerships (P3s)

RJA’s advisory expertise and strong relationships rank among the leading development and investment firms. Our understanding of tax-exempt, equity, availability, and concession models allows RJA to lead the P3 process from conception through execution.